IRIS  | 龙星如 

Iris Long is a writer and independent curator. She currently works as a researcher on art, science and technology at Central Academy of Fine Arts, with a research focus on how art responses to the current global reality of ubiquitous computing and big data. She lectures on data art at CAFA.

She was shortlisted by the first M21-IAAC Award (International Awards for Art Criticism). Her translation work, Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media, received nomination from AAC Art China awards in 2016. In 2018, she was the recipient of Hyundai Blue Prize for curators. In 2019 she curated “Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa”(Hyundai Motorstudios Beijing),The Third Session of “Future of Today”: Deja Vu (Today Art Museum, Beijing) and “Mind the Deep: Artificial Intelligence and Art”(McaM, Shanghai). She co-curated the opening show of UN Art Center, “The Kind Stranger” and “Latent Landscapes”. She is also the art jury of ISEA 2019, and art jury of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020.

Her research work has been presented in “Art and Artificial Intelligence”(Open Conference, ZKM), “Korea Research Fellow”(MMCA), “Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art (ISCMA)”(Hong Kong),International Symposium on Electronic Art and Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts and ISEA.

Iris has a master degree of Critical Writing in Art and Design from the Royal College of Art, UK and a bachelor degree of Journalism and Communication from Tsinghua University, China.

龙星如(Iris Long),策展人,写作者,中央美术学院科技艺术方向研究员。研究方向为普适运算与数据充斥的时代语境下,艺术创作与数据环境及技术的关系。在中央美术学院开设数据艺术课程。

译《重思策展:新媒体后的艺术》并获第十一届AAC艺术中国年度艺术出版物提名;第一届IAAC国际艺术评论奖英文入围评论者;策划展览包括《撒谎的索菲亚和嘲讽的艾莉克莎》(Hyundai Blue Prize策展人奖),今日美术馆第三届未来馆《机器人间》;联合策划上海明当代美术馆《脑洞——人工智能与艺术》,上海UN Art Center开幕展《可善的陌生》和《潜在故土》。2019年担任ISEA电子艺术研讨会国际评委。2020年担任计算机图形学会议SIGGRAPH ASIA艺术板块国际评委。