IRIS LONG  | 龙星如 


︎︎︎Touch the Universe, Art and Astronomy/Astrophysics, Department of Astronomy, Tsinghua University
︎︎︎Under the Cloud: a curatorial and critical studies of infrastructures in China
︎︎︎Assembly, an alternative space focusing on STS and history of science in Beijing


“Postscript of Silence”, 2023.11 - 2024.3, McaM, Shanghai
“A Thousand Silicon Eyes’, 2023, NOWNESS/Power Station of Art, Shanghai
“When Gaia Holds Her Breath”, 2023, New Century Art Foundation, Beijing
“Fictions of Inter-domain Routing”, 2023.4 - 2023.7, Long March Space, Beijing
“Cosmological Elements”, 2022.12 - 2023.2, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai
“Earth Heat Flow: the Visitor Who Returns to Solar Time”, 2022.12-2023.3, Beijing Biennial
“The Pieces I Am”, 2022.9 - 2023.1, UCCA Edge, Shanghai
“AI2041: The Unformed Spacetime”, 2022, RockBund, Shanghai
“Temporal Stack: the Deep Sensor”, Guiyang, 2021.10-2021.11
“The Ground is Falling”, 2021.9 - 2022.2, Aranya Art Center
“Blue Cables in Venetian Watercourses”, PSA Emerging Curator Program, 2021.3 - 2021.6, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
“The Final Prophet”, Shenzhen Bay Scitech Art Festival, 2020.12 - 2021.1, Shenzhen
“You Can Say: ‘Reset the Room’”, 2020.9 - 2020.11, Brownie Project, Shanghai
“Mind the Deep - Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Creation”, 2019.11 -2020.2, McaM, Shanghai
“Latent Spectators”, co-curation with V2_Lab for Unstable Media,  2019.11 -2020.2, UNArt Center, Shanghai
“The Kind Stranger”, 2019.8 - 2019.10, UNArt Center, Shanghai
“Alternative Worlds”, co-curation with Microsoft, 2019.7 - 2019.8, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing
“De Ja Vu”  - the third Today Art Museum Biennale, 2019.8 - 2019.10,  Today Art Museum, Beijing
“Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa”, 2019.7 - 2019.11, Hyudai Motostudio Beijing


Digital Innovation: Planetary Sensing and Plural Cosmologies, Central Saint Martins, 2024
A Sign in Space: SETI in China, SETI Institute, 2024
Space in Time: From the Heavens to Outer Space, Warburg Instiutte, 2023
Transplanetary Ecologies, UCL Institute of Advanced Studies, 2023
AH-Digital Transition, 2023
ISRR - International Foundation of RoboTics Research, 2020
Art and Artificial Intelligence, Open Conference, ZKM | Center for Art and Media,  2019
Korea Research Fellow, MMCA, 2019
Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art (ISCMA), 2019
EAST Bridge Curatorial Exchange,  Seoul, 2018
International Symposium on Electronic Art, 2016
Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts, 2015


Machine Decision is Not Final: China and the History and Future of AI, Urbanomic, 2022 (upcoming) *Essay Contribution
Net Art Anthology, Tsinghua University Press, 2022 (upcoming) *translation Translated work: Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media,  Tsinghua University Press, 2016
Articles are included in multiple academic journals and media art related publication such as the upcoming book: Open Codes, by ZKM


Swissnex Fellow, 2023
CtC UK-China Grant, 2023
Curator of the Year, Harper's Bazaar China, 2023
Berggruen Fellow, China Center, 2023-2024
Scientist-in-Residence, ZKM, 2022
Grand Prize, PSA Emerging Curator Program, 2021
Shortlist, Porsche’s “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” award, 2019
Hyundai Blue Prize (curatorial award), 2018
AAC Art China awards, nomination, 2016
Shortlist, Prix Cube Art Prize, France, 2016
Honorable Mention, ifva, Hong Kong, 2015
Shortlist, M21-IAAC Award (International Awards for Art Criticism), 2015